Burgu Machinery was founded in 2008 to bring high engineering applications to the ground improvement sector. 

In the first years of its establishment, it has successfully produced DTH drill rods, jet grout drill rods, drilling rods and casing pipes for use in all types of ground improvement methods. In the following years, Burgu Machinery has begun to produce the spare parts of mini pile, jet grouting and grout injection machines .

Especially in the production of drill rods and casing pipes by using friction welding method, Burgu Machinery has been the main provider in Turkey. Later, in the direction of the same strategy, it produced piling equipment and Kelly bars, and also started production of low and medium pressure grout injection pumps and mini jet pumps. 

Burgu Machinery has earned its reputation in international markets by combining production quality and after-sales service quality. Our aim is to bring innovative new products to the sector of ground improvement machines and equipment.